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Wendell Betts
Author - Wendell Betts
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Phone: 506-454-8689
Cell Phone: 506-897-1786 (texting only please)

Wendell Betts is a Best Selling Author as well as an International speaker and Certified John Maxwell team member. Wendell is a Life Coach as well as a Leadership teacher and Mentor.

Wendell grew up in a small farming community in Eastern Canada with big dreams. His mother taught him that nothing was impossible and that he could do or be anything he wanted or had a desire to be. Wendell learned how to milk cows at the age of 5 and operate a farm tractor by the age of 8. Wendell was always a dreamer and his dreams were always larger than life. By the age of 48 Wendell owned 18 tractor trailers and had done very well for himself.

Wendell's life has changed due to a horrific disease but through that he even stayed positive and refused to quit. His story is miraculous and one that needs to be heard throughout the universe. His mission now is to pour value into as many people as possible and to leave a legacy of Hope and Faith.


Wendell's Books

Endurance - Going The Distance From The Valley To The Mountaintop

You may be feeling it right now as you read this. Overwhelmed and exhausted, you are wondering if you have any more left in you. You feel lost, wondering if you are able to even access that place within you that contains the stamina you need to keep going. Let these stories and devotional thoughts take you through the valley and up to the mountaintop where you can experience the promise of how you can go the distance!

Join Wendell Betts, along with thirteen other co-authors, who will lead you through their experiences of struggles and how they endured.

Reigniting Hope- Spark The Fire To Grow Hope In Your Life.

Spark The Fire To Grow Hope In Your Life.

Hope, sometimes we feel like we have an abundant bucket of it and the next it can be like a security blanket ripped out from under us.

From moments in searching for hope to moment of holding on to the very last thread, these stories show how to go through the times where hope doesn’t seem to be there to when God shows up to ignite it once again.

Join Wendell Betts, along with fourteen other co-authors, who will lead you through their experiences of struggles and how they found hope.

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